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Here are some great resources to consider before undertaking the complexities of ADHD medication.

The book, Finally Focussed, is an excellent source of differential diagnoses

to help you tackle underlying factors, other genetic and nutritional factors,

that may be affecting attention and/or impulsibility, either directly or

indirectly affecting dopaminergic systems in the body that then manifest

as ADHD.

A refreshing approach, inspired by chinese

medicine and a western pediatric sensibility

is offered by Dr. Stephen Cohen in his book

Fire Child, Water Child. The book is an exc-

ellent resource to help us look at children as

well as adults and their childhood with a

much needed non-stigmatizing attitute:

The flowing video by Dr David Nowell , orginailly intended for professionals, is a great overview of ADHD, while offering a plethora of helpful advice for approaches and tools to implement at home:


This amusing and serious overview covers so many important take-homes for parents and individuals struggling with impulsive congnition or emotions:

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