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intense feelings and experiences.

Individuals, couples, groups.

Therapy begins with open minded, emphatic, and emotionally present curiosity and unfolds onto appreciating, valuing, and helping manage intense and often painful emotional states, culminating in a life amazing.



I am patient, open-minded, empathic and laid back. I work best with people who are interested in gaining insight into themselves and their emotions. I focus on the relationship that develops between us in order to understand how you interact with others in your life. Through this approach, we can examine barriers impacting your relationships and overall life satisfaction and pinpoint areas for growth and exploration. A successful treatment is one in which you gain knowledge and tools to ultimately become your own therapist.

I work primarily with emerging adults (20's and 30's) who are developing their identity, relationships and career. This is a precious time in life where decisions made can have a strong impact on your future. I can help you gain confidence and awareness in yourself and your choices.

I believe it is important to build non judgmental curiosity about your inner world as a way to understand how your unconscious thoughts, feelings and motivations manifest in your life. I believe self awareness, emotional presence and coping skills are most important for healing.

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