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I began my clinical work shortly after the millennium while studying Psychology, Feminism, and East Asian Studies at Tel Aviv University. I was fascinated with how both disciplines approach change, transformation, and liberation from suffering from different directions. Both Western and Eastern therapy has remained influential in my clinical work to date. During this time I began worked with people of all ages dealing with intense emotional and social situations. I collaborated with others in diverse milieus: resolving conflicts between children and parents, helping terminally ill adults process the social-emotional dimensions of their physical conditions, and instill hope in the lives of suicidal adolescents. 

Bridging these different theoretical approaches and different human needs was a need to articulate a psychotherapy that was both personally meaningful and socially transformative, both socially informed and personally transformative. Gilles Deleuze's work on schizoanalysis became a starting point for such an enunciation on the path to develop a vitalizing therapy which creates not only relief from symptoms but "a breathe of fresh air, an open relationship with the world" (Deleuze and Guattari). My graduate studies in Feminism and Queer Studies (Gender Studies Department; Bar Ilan University, Israel) and Cultural Studies (History of Consciousness department; UC Santa Cruz) enabled me to develop these ideas. Foremost due to the students I taught, these ideas took shape not only intellectually, but, and more importantly, through their emotional and life changing affect on those who engaged with them, through them.

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In conclusion of these explorations I returned to clinical work and pursued a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies (Adelphi University; New York) and a subsequently Post-Doctoral Training in Psychoanalysis at The National Institute for the Psychotherapies (NIP; New York). It was through this training that I realized the need to fill the gap between my experience in the Humanities (where I learned to be critically aware of the impact of social dimension on the vitality of life) and Psychology (where learned to address the particular struggles of people in the immediate). To-date I grow in my capacity to weave and interlace personal and social struggles in ways that are emotionally-socially transformative. I help people of all ages engage with the categories hold us and limit us. My combined psychoanalytic and schizoanalytic modality helps us address the pressures of our lives and become vitalized children or adults. 

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