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How do we turn anxiety into energetic engagment? A layer of our anxiety is adaptive, informative, there are things to worry about. Awareness can be a double edged sword with regards to this anxiety. It can compound our anxiety, adding a layer of existential dread regarding our future, meaning of life, future of our loves ones and our planet. And awareness can help mitigate anxiety as well, in the acknowledgement of theses layers of worry and dread that can lead to an attitude of action and engagement without anxiety. This latter ever effect full bit fruitful capacity requires the skills developed in therapy (freedom, lines of flight, creativity,.untangling and novelty), but also the tools to address anxiety directly. Here are a handful of such tools that that I have found powerfully succinctly and effective, which will help you grow in your capacity and confidence to lower your anxiety. This will serve to give yourself the opportunity to use your awareness to shift from tangled preoccupations to liberated aliveness, to turn anxiety into excitement, dread into engagement:

Square (Box) breathing

4-7-8 Breathing

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

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