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Therapy can help you effect change in your life and make it more meaningful, fuller, more joyful, or more vibrant. It is wonderful that you are taking this first step in gaining possibilities for yourself. Life can be full of tension and it is helpful to talk with someone who can empower you and help you find your calm, your center, and your action. I will approach your care without assumptions or judgments, but with curiosity and an intent for us to both be surprised and create and discover new experiences that facilitate an amazing life. 


I specialize in helping people who have experienced loss, neglect, or abuse and/or are struggling with intense and painful anxiety, fear, sadness, despair, and a lack of meaning or direction. People I work with experience me as genuinely caring, thoughtful, and passionate and find relief and rejuvenation in a space of containing that we create together.

I work across the lifespan and help children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly -  individually, as couples, or as families. I am not in-network with a specific health insurance plan but I can help navigate your out of network benefits and offer a sliding scale based on your financial ability. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any of this further.

My work is informed by both psychoanalysis, in which I was trained throughout my doctoral work in Clinical Psychology, and schizoanalysis, a theory critiquing psychoanalysis, which I studied through my journey in the Humanities and have developed into my clinical practice.


Psychoanalytic psychotherapy focuses on the core of our inner vitality, the richness of our emotional life, and the relationships we form.


Schizoanalysis is a critique and elaboration of psychoanalysis which seeks to also address the impact of social violence and pressures on our inner lives. While psychoanalysis aims to recognize our normative, inner, psychic experiences, schizoanalysis appreciates the personal, inter-personal, and social meaningfulness of outlying (schizoid) experiences. In schizoanalytic psychotherapy we strive to appreciate our situated positions in society and open a time for us to think creatively and develop a liberated sensibility in life. The combination of psychoanalytic and schizoanalytic psychotherapy creates an environment of curiosity and creativity in therapy and enables us to both gain insight into our painful and repetitive dynamics and work towards a sense of emotional breadth and playfulness.

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