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Between children, between adults, for parents, siblings, at home, school, and work, Non-Violent Communication (NVC), orginally develped by Marshall Rosenberg, is a fanatstic tool for giving voice to what is alive in ourselves and appreciating what is alive in others. NVC compelements the work of schizoanalysis which is more unstructured, personalized, and in-the-moment as both foster an experience of freedom that is spontaneous, upredictable, and liberating for oneself and others. For this reason, I have discovered a great afinity with NVC, as originally articulated by Marshal Rosenberg. In particular, NVC and schizoanalysis share an emphasis on aspiring to bring to the fore what is true and vibrant in ourselves and others. Similarly, they share the goal of moving away from punitive and fascist systems of hirarachy and fostering relationships that are collaborative and loving. And both approaches are both simple and effective while running deep inside us. As Einstein is fables to have said: "Life should be as simple as it is... but not simpler." I am glad to be able to intergrate these approaches and help foster vibrant communication between children, adults, couples, in families, and in our conversations with ourselves. 

One great component of NVC is it's grass-roots institutional approach and abundance of free online resources. While in therapy we would address your needs and the dynamics of communication as they pertain to you, I encourage you to take advantage of these resources. The floowing video is an excellent overview of NVC by Marshall Rosenberg:

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