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What is meditation? There are broadly three general categoris of meditation

1. Focus

2. Unfocus

3. Relationship with the world

The following mediation, a schizoanlaytically inspired meditation, incoporates lines from these threee modalities and walks one through the intersection of structure, freedom, and a an open relationship with the world. Transcript or Guided Vocal

1 .Becoming air  - all of the breath. all of the body. feeling the breath pass through. all the body moving. being the air as it waits outside, passes through us, down and dissipates in our lungs, changes, warms, and exits. Retaining the extention of ourselves as we return to our focus on us, the air is thick and we are part of it. depersonalizing.

2. open zazen - all is ok. destratifying.

3. extension of sensation - the air is thick. feeling through touch the whole space, the house, the world, that is always already us. delocalizing.

* How to sit? 

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