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What is a website?

"A theory is exactly like a box of tools. It has nothing to do with the signifier. It must be useful. It must function. And not for itself. If no one uses it, beginning with the theoretician himself (who then ceases to be a theoretician), then the theory is worthless or the moment is inappropriate. We don’t revise a theory, but construct new ones; we have no choice but to make others. It is strange that it was Proust, an author thought to be a pure intellectual, who said it so clearly: treat my book as a pair of glasses directed to the outside; if they don’t suit you, find another pair; I leave it to you to find your own instrument, which is necessarily an investment for combat." - Deleuze

A website, a like a theory, like a book, is a tool. It is not representation, no a look inside or into depth. Nor is it performative, at least not in the sense that it produces a subject that it already assumes exists as it's interpolated object. A website is an aliveness machine, should be an aliveness machine, should short circuit and restart anew. At least that's what this here will try to do.

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